“Compassionate candour, an inquisitive nose, persistence and a good ear.”

Each piece of work I take on has its own unique set of challenges and nuances which is why I do not have a “one size fits all” approach or offer package deals.

Before starting a project, I like to meet with the client in person (if possible) or on the telephone. This allows me to fully understand what it is the client is looking for both in terms of scope and output. We will then have an initial fact-finding meeting / call so that the client can tell me everything they know, and I can get copies of documents in their possession. This makes the whole process quicker and, therefore, less expensive. I then get to work!

I will report back to you after each 5-hour block of work, unless otherwise agreed, and suggest possible further areas of research if required.

Once complete, I will present a report on the work I have done for you in the format you prefer, along with back-up documentation as supporting evidence should you wish it.

I approach my work with compassion and humour but also a total focus on finding fact rather than educated guesswork. While I do not give up easily when faced with the impossible, we do sometimes have to accept that finding the right one of a hundred needles in the haystack is not economically viable. I will always be completely honest about this when, and if, that time comes.

Above all, I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and it can be a lot of fun for both parties. Isn’t life too short for it to be otherwise?

“Well it’s not every day that you find a sister you never knew you had!”

Kim D Windsor