Location of missing and unknown relatives

Location of missing or unknown relatives by Lidgett Search

Have you heard of a family member that disappeared without trace, or there was a rumour that one had moved to Australia and was never heard of again?

Perhaps an ancestor had more than the two children you know about, but they may have died in childhood or one may have been raised with a relation never to return to the family fold.

Have you ever suspected that a parent or grandparent had had another child from a separate relationship?

Sometimes our ancestors dropped out of sight for a variety of reasons… debt, poverty, crime, elopement, escaping abuse, illegitimacy, mental health breakdown… the list is endless. It is sometimes possible to trace these ancestors and find out what happened to them, and the results can often be riveting and heart-warming. Sometimes it can be tragic but either way, we learn more about how our families lived.

I can handle these sometimes difficult searches with sensitivity and empathy.

“I now have a much clearer understanding of who I am and where I came from!”

Jane D Maidenhead