Lidgett an expert genealogist on your side

In addition to being an Associate of AGRA and studying with the IHGS, I am a member of the Society for Genealogists and a number of local county family history societies around the UK. I also have a reader’s ticket for the National Archives at Kew and the London Metropolitan Archives.

Projects I have worked on over the years include the tragic, hilarious, scandalous and the completely normal.  Some work I did for a very successful client revealed that one of his ancestors was a rat catcher.  Another had an ancestor whose notoriety as a thief and a fencer of stolen goods made him a template for Charles Dickens’s Fagin. One of my own ancestors was a senior ophthalmic surgeon who made spectacles for his dog who was apparently short-sighted! One client who was convinced his great-grandfather was a bad lot, couldn’t have been further from the truth – the man in question was a military hero who saved a young boy from drowning.

I would love to find out more about your family and bring their stories to life for you.

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“Well it’s not every day that you find a sister you never knew you had!”

Kim D Windsor